Massive Entertainment has suggested it'll revisit the real-time strategy genre for its next title after its RTS World in Conflict.

Martin Walfisz, Massive Entertainment's founder and president, revealed the developer has "some unfinished business within RTS" in an interview with CVG to be published in full shortly.

"And we think that we're really pushing the envelope with World in Conflict!", Walfisz added - while he didn't elaborate on precisely what the developer's unfinished business is, Massive is obviously cooking up a future RTS dish it believes is pretty damn saucy.

The developer isn't ruling out ventures into other genres in the future either, Walfisz explaining the Massive Entertainment team "consists almost completely of gamers, many of whom enjoy a lot of other genres than RTS, so it's very possible that a future project will not follow our traditional line of games."

He revealed the developer has "a couple of guys who are experimenting with some weird game ideas", but added that the team is "so knee deep in WIC that we'll have to reveal our secrets some other day."

via cvg