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Thread: Goomba color test build #5

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    GBA Goomba color test build #5

    DWedit has posted a new version of the GBC emulator for the GBA/DS:

    New build...

    Major changes since the last build is that plenty of code got rewritten. Many off-by-one-scanline graphical errors were corrected. Since so much code was rewritten, may possibly be buggy.

    * Adjusted timing code, Many off-by-one scanline errors were fixed. Notably in Zelda oracles, Super Mario Land, Dragon Warrior 3, etc.
    * Rewrote scanline-buffer code. Properly supports split windows, fixes Oracle of Ages intro, Donkey Kong, etc. Faster too. Also fixed bugs where window was displayed one scanline too far down.
    * Double Speed = Timers now doubles length of vblank period when the GBC uses double speed. Fixes glitches in Balloon Fight GB.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    there was a post about this on maxconsole...
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    Does that mean that they can't post about it here or something? o_O

    I'm not really sure what the point of your post was, that's all.

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