via totalvideogames

Unveiled in May 2006, Tecmo's Pangya! Golf With Style will finally be arriving on Europe Wiis on June 8th, courtesy of Nintendo.

The game, a spin-off of the online PangYa! Title, was a Wii launch title in Japan last December and was subsequently released in North America a couple of weeks later as "Super Swing Golf".

As with Wii Sports: Golf and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07, Pangya! Golf With Style will utilise the motion-sensors in the Wii-remote as part of the control system, though the gameplay seems to be more in line with the former title than EA's golf franchise. As well as focusing on getting through the course with the least about of putts, gamers will also be on the look out for Pang Points, the currency in Pangya! that they can then use to buy additional items and clothing for their golfer - including clothes from Tecmo's Dead or Alive series of beat-em-ups.

A variety of items added to distract opponents, such as the Wing God Fan (which creates gusts of wind on the course) and Graffiti Crayon (where gamers can scribble out the screen), are just two examples of how Pangya! is golf with a difference.