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    Default Noob question thread

    Welcome to the N00b question thread! This is for all N00bs to ask questions, and hopefully find answers from helpful members of this site who are in the know. The purpose of this thread is to prevent the forum from being cluttered.

    Rules for this thread:

    1) This is just like any other thread. That means you must search the forums and read the rules before asking any questions.
    2) Those who provide help don't have to help you; they do out of the kindness of their hearts. Be aware that the possibility of getting on someone's nerves is high, so don't be demanding in any way.
    3) No bumping this thread (although admins, a sticky would be nice).
    4) Ask your question once and only once. If you still get no answer after a week, wait some more. People will help you if they know how.
    5) Admins may feel free to edit this initial post to add/delete any rules.

    Now, for MY N00b question:

    I am new to the PSP homebrew/emu scene. I live in the United States and bought my PSP from ebGames. I have no idea how to check the PSP version, nor what the compatibility issues are with each version. After searching the forums, here is what I gathered:

    1) Emulation is only compatible with v.1.00 PSP's (so far).
    2) All v.1.00 PSP's are Japanese only.
    3) All US PSP's are v.1.5 or higher (when applicable).
    4) Because of reasons 1-3, emulation is not possible on US PSP's.

    My question is this: How accurate is this information I've gathered? There was no one thread that fully explained any of this. All of the info I gathered I retrieved from mid-conversations indirectly related to what I was searching for. Also, if that information is inaccurate, and if you can actually run an emulator on a US PSP, what am I doing wrong?

    Here's what I've done so far:
    1. Downloaded SNES9x for PSP.
    2. I took an .smc rom (Super Mario RPG) and renamed it to "ROM.SMC" and replaced the blank ROM.SMC with the new one.
    3. I transfered the SNES9x folder into the PSP/GAME/ folder on my PSP via USB.
    4. In my PSP, I navigated to GAME, then to MEMORY STICK, and the "Snes9x for PSP" logo shows up, next to the text, "Snes9x for PSP Ver.0.01."
    5. I pressed X and the PSP logo comes up (the same logo that comes up when I start Wipeout Pure).
    6. The screen goes blank and I am redirected back to the dashboard with the following error message: "The game could not be started. (80020001)."

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    I think most people will stick to reading the other threads and searching for what they are looking for on the board.

    The board works pretty well as it is and I doubt you will get this pinned to the top.

    Welcome to the best PSP board in the world though

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