Hello, this may be one of my first posts on this great site but it is never my first view on videogames and SEGA

Well I been gaming as far as I remember, I loved Sega and been collecting every game made by it. I met a guy and he made me walk away from gaming little b little until I realized that this cant go on. Im trying to get back into hardcore gaming and hope I will soon

Sorry for the off topic but taught I will introduce myself

Any way I searched and search for any form of games moding on consoles but could not find anything, now many say it is illegal why is that?

I tried adding maps to my Q3A DC game but field due to me not knowing how to burn it right.

So my question is: Why cant we mod our console games as we do with PC? I want to play with my skins in Q3 and add maps.

Thank you all for your time, cheers.