We've known for some time that a new game in id Software's Wolfenstein FPS series is in the pipeline and it now appears that Raven Software is handling development of the title.

A report appearing on WISC-TV has linked the Quake IV developer with the Wolfenstein game in an article that's focussed on current hardware technology and computer animation.

The report's been picked up by Yahoo News and it's said the title is out in 2008. The only other real piece of information concerns the appearance of an "elite force assassin" in the game with actor Carrie Coon speaking about her motion capture experience for this character.

"They had me kind of bust through doors with big guns and pretend I was an assassin being that didn't have a spine and club a body of something on the ground and sniff it," Coon explained. "You know, it was one of the most bizarre audition experiences I've ever had in my life."

via cvg