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Thread: GameStop Enjoys Best Q1 Ever

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    Default GameStop Enjoys Best Q1 Ever

    via IGN,

    Today GameStop announced rosy financial results for its first quarter ended May 5, 2007. Net earnings were $24.7 million, a 111 percent increase over last year's Q1. Total sales were up 23 percent to $1,279 million as compared to $1,040 million in the first quarter of 2006.

    Hardware sales grew 75 percent during the quarter due to hysterical demand for the Nintendo Wii and DS and strong continued sales of the Xbox 360. Interestingly, GameStop also points to impressive sales of the PlayStation 3, which saw dismal numbers in April, as contributing to the increase in hardware movement.

    "Our first quarter results were driven by the strong growth of next generation hardware despite both Nintendo products, the Wii and DS Lite, being in short supply throughout the quarter," said R. Richard Fontaine, GameStop's Chairman and CEO. "Our business is benefiting from unmatched platform expansion. For much of the quarter, seven different platforms were represented among our top 25 best sellers. Not only was this unprecedented, but there is every indication that the Wii and DS Lite titles are attracting a new audience of gamers, while the allure of genre breakthrough titles like Guitar Hero II are expanding the audience for videogame product.

    "I am also happy to announce that during the first quarter GameStop was added to the Fortune 500 list of largest U.S. corporations," Fontaine concluded.

    The games that carried GameStop to financial success over the quarter were Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, God of War II, Guitar Hero II, Crackdown, and Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2.

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    I know I spent quite a bit of money there already this year. When I got my Wii I dropped abut 450 bucks alone.

    They have been the place that always has what I want when I want it.

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