Last month we saw the inspired week-long game jam, 7DFPS, which tasked developers with creating a first-person shooter in seven days. With this tiny timeline, developers had to get creative to produce something that felt like more than a mere Doom clone. Chris Donlanwrote about some of its highlights, while I covered Notch's contribution to the project, but now one of its best entries, Superhot, has made waves with its upcoming spruced up commercial release getting accepted on Steam Greenlight in record time."Thanks to your AMAZING support we passed Steam Greenlight in mere five days!," said Polish developer Blue Brick in its announcement. "We've checked it - Superhot is the fastest game ever to get greenlit."Why's it all-of-a-sudden so popular you ask? Because it's brilliant. The idea is that time only moves when you do. It's a bit like that one world in Braid then, only you can't make time move backwards. Instead, you need to meticulously line up your shots then carefully walk around in such a way that you won't collide with a bullet. It sounds easy, and indeed the first level or two are, but the challenge ramps up quickly as guns can only hold a few bullets and you die in one hit. What begins as a John-Woo-meets-Zack-Morris power fantasy swiftly evolves into a mesmerising spacial puzzler featuring perhaps the most fluid mix of real-time and turn-based combat I've encountered.