Zombies, zombies, everywhere – and not least in Dead Rising 3, the open-world slayathon heading to Xbox One at launch. At Tokyo Game Show on Friday I saw a private demo of the game, including co-op play and the new Super Combo system for building crazy weapons. And since this is Japan, I asked Capcom Vancouver producer Mike Jones about the early input of the Japanese team behind the original Dead Rising – including series creator Keiji Inafune.“From the early planning stages we did have a handful of core [Capcom Japan] creatives who were responsible for finding Blue Castle Games back before it became Capcom Vancouver, in the planning and prototype stages of this,” said Jones. “Those guys were involved in the planning stages, like the characters and the scenario. But unfortunately Inafune left in 2010 and he’s been doing his own thing.”Indeed, part of Inafune’s legacy at Capcom is his work to globalise the company’s development outlook. By partnering with Blue Castle for Dead Rising 2, he sent the series in a new direction, culminating in the slick and solid-looking Dead Rising 3 before us today.“[Inafune's team] sought out Blue Castle Games back in the day because they wanted [Blue Castle's] take on Dead Rising and to bring it to a larger Western audience, and they’ve now trusted Capcom Vancouver to be the owners of the Dead Rising franchise,” said Jones.