Nintendo's next sure-fire blockbuster, Pokemon X & Y, has received widespread acclaim from games critics across the UK and US.
CVG's own Pokemon X & Y review concluded that the game was "the first Pokémon game worthy of the 21st century" and gave it a near-perfect score of nine out of ten.
Joystiq scores the game a nine, and writes: "By combining refinements with classic gameplay, a revamped aesthetic and plenty of new gameplay options, Nintendo has created a Pokémon sequel that will not only be adored by Pokémaniacs, but should also draw new players to the series."
Eurogamer also marks it a near-perfect score, and writes: "The transition to 3D is smooth and natural and the multitudinous additions to the proven formula will excite even the most jaded Pokémon fanatic".
Polygon's reviewer said the 3DS game "made me feel like I was back on the middle school playground, vying for real-life superiority in battle and communing in trade. I didn't think games could still make me feel that way - but I'm so glad to be proven wrong".
GameInformer gives it an 8.75, stating it "does not break the mould of what we expect when we play a Pokémon game, but does go down the check-list of important Pokémon features, neatly ticking them off one by one".
You can find more publications' scores below, with links to their articles.
Edge - 8
PocketGamer - 10
Gamesradar - 8
IGN - 9
Nintendo Life - 9
Kotaku - Yes
Gamesbeat - 82
NowGamer - 9