Forget Call of Duty and Battlefield. A new rivalry is in town and it's fresher than the green grass on your local farm.
Excalibur Publishing has announced that Farming Manager will hit PC retail shelves on October 25th, priced at £24.99.
The company previously published the popular Farming Simulator series which was later picked up by Focus Home Interactive, who released Farming Simulator 2013 on consoles last year.
However, there is no new Farming Simulator game planned for this year, allowing the new rival Farming Manager game to enter the market without fresh competition.
Excalibur describes Farming Manager as the company's "first farming management simulation", and the screenshots suggest it will play more like an isometric strategy game, rather than a management sim that allows players to control tractors from within the virtual driver's seat.
"In Farming Manager, you inherit a ramshackle old farm which needs whipping back into shape. Take on the challenge and follow in your grandpa’s footsteps," said Excalibur in a statement.
Farming Manager allows players to employ personnel, purchase new buildings, vehicles and fields, rear dairy cattle, check soil quality, invest in new machinery and tractors, renovate and expand the in-game house, and deal with random events such as gambling debts, inheritance, tax and vet bills.
It also features unlockable talents, a 3D mentor and different seasons.