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    psp flAstro

    Heres an entry into the GBAX Coding Comp 2007.

    Release from Flatmushrooms

    This is a polished astro lander game, where the objective is to land your spacecraft as quickly and gently as possible and avoiding damage. It features: Load/Save games, HiScores, Unlocks, In-Game Instructions, and much more. It has been extensively tested and to my knowledge is bug-free.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments

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    Here's the screenshot:

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    Default Good graphics, not very original...

    I thought the graphics/HUD in this game were pretty nice, and the vector style ship was a nice touch.

    However, once I looked past the graphics it seemed too much like almost every other Lunar Lander clone I played. The game itself was alright, but I believe that you could have done better by creating a clone of a far less common game.

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    I love the graphics, i love the unlockables, it makes the game much much more fun, i love that you can choose difficulty i like the hud, i dont like the debug font though....

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    Well thanks for playing the game people, this game is actually just a simple demo. I was messing around porting an old game I made in VB6 then I decided to enter it into GBAX for fun.
    I make games that I want to make so don't ask me to make less common game :P
    As for the debug font, I have added in another prettier texture font now, but because it is not palettized it is a little hard to make it change color, I have added lot's of other things too.
    I will not release it yet, but I will in the near future, you will see then why this game is not my primary concern.

    PS: You may have noticed that I spent more time on the random background graphics than the gameplay (oops!).
    PPS: Thanks very much wraggster for posting my releases, you always manage to post my stuff up quickly even though I don't frequent here which is nice, I will have to come here more often

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