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Thread: E3: Why is WH40K on handheld so appealing?

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    psp E3: Why is WH40K on handheld so appealing?

    via Computer and Video Games

    Maybe it's because we can still clearly recall shoving little plastic Space Marines around on an upturned Subbuteo pitch, or maybe it's because we really, really enjoyed Relic's RTS Warhammer 40,000 on PC - but whatever it is, there's something very appealing about THQ's WH40K: Sqaud Command heading to PSP and DS.

    Based in Games Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 universe, the game sits in the turn-based strategy park and features single-player and multiplayer action. You get to strap on combat boots as the Space Marines of the Ultramarines Chapter and take the fight to Chaos over 13 missions in single-player. Multiplayer, THQ has explained, is team-based, players able to battle other strategists around the globe as either the Imperium of Man or Chaos.

    It's out this autumn. Screenshots can be viewed via source link or here.

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    Definitely buying this.

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    Yessssss. All I'm sad about is turned based. When will they learn?! Real time is the ooooonly way.

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    Well wh40k was a turnbased table top minautre game... they cant just make that real time with outlosing the feel of the original wh40k... plus anyone try the game when they did move away from there original play style... it was a fps based in wh40k ... i wanted to drink draino after playing it... Horrible but most of the wh games that have not strayed from there original concept to much have been pretty good games...

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    Fire Warrior wasn't bad because it was an FPS, Fire Warrior was bad because it was a BAD FPS. How can they call it Warhammer if it's a one-man-army hallway crawler?
    I'm also disappointed that it isn't real-time. Turn-based is fine (and necessary) for a table-top game but it's nice to take the Warhammer theme and use it in something real-time, like the super-awesome Dawn of War PC game.

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