Crytek’s free-to-play PC browser FPS Warface is now available in Europe and America.
Also going live in said regions today is Crytek’s equally as colourfully named GFACE network, which users will be signed up to if they play Warface.
"Our goal with Warface has always been to show that free-to-play games can be top quality, blockbuster experiences that match the industry's highest standards,” Crytek’s general manager of publishing Dirk Metzger stated.
“By bringing the game to players in North America, Europe and Turkey today, a vast new audience can now see for themselves the lengths we've gone to in order to achieve that vision and make Warface stand out from the crowd."
Warface came under the spotlight recently following its decision to incorporate some reasonably provocative female skins into its character roster. It’s also due for a release on Xbox 360 some time next year.
As of November last year the game had attracted 5m registered users.