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Thread: Sega Sammy loses $42 million in Q1

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    General games Sega Sammy loses $42 million in Q1

    via MCV

    Japanese games firm Sega Sammy Holdings has reported a 2.4 billion Yen ($42.8 million) loss for the three-month period ended June 30th.

    In the same period a year before, the parent of Sega Europe posted an operating income of 2.8 billion Yen.

    Net sales were up 11 per cent year-on-year, however, climbing from 85.62 billion Yen ($722 million) to 95.42 billion Yen ($803 million).

    The company attributed much of the losses to research and development costs associated with its video games division.

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    So I am assuming closing down Dreamcast server's didn't really do anything!

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    SEGA seem to be losing money left right and center, but a big company like SEGA can handle losses as it's all profit anyway!

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