Exercises have concluded for the Preseason Challenge of the World Domination Series (WDS). After six weeks of relentless fighting across the war-torn world of Auraxis, only one Empire was left standing when the dust settled - Vanu Sovereignty.

As the other Empires attempt to rebuild to their former glory, preparations are being made for a special Anniversary Edition of the WDS this November. Celebrating a year at war, optimizations are being implemented to the WDS to facilitate an even playing field across all Empires.

More information on recent improvements to the WDS can be found here:https://players.planetside2.com/#!/world-domination-series. For additional info on the WDS, including preseason stats, please refer to the community letter from Luperza.

Also, check out the latest PlanetSide 2 infographic to see where your loyalty aligns, and feel free to tweet across the Twitter universe using the hashtag #PS2WDS.