WEBZEN, announces an upcoming update for RAPPELZ. Epic VIII Part 3 will bring new taming options, daily quests and 4 revamped dungeons. RAPPELZ Epic VIII Part 3 will be released in the near future in Europe and United States.
The new expansion will raise the pet taming feature to a completely new level. Expanding upon the ideas that were introduced in RAPPELZ Epic VIII Part 2, players will now have the chance to tame in-game bosses in the upcoming update and turn them into powerful allies. With this new taming system, game heroes will be able to acquire a pet that is relevant to their class and there will be more than 30 bosses that users will be able to tame.
In addition to the new boss taming system, the upcoming RAPPELZ Epic VIII Part 3 expansion will introduce exclusive daily quests. With 25 new daily quests in total, each quest will be rewarded with special coins that can be used to obtain powerful items. Daily quests will be rewarded with extra experience points so new players will get a chance to level up faster and still be rewarded with the coins.
Moving further, four instances that were added with the previous Epic will be reviewed and renewed. New level options will allow players to choose the difficulty that matches their skill level, by selecting one of 4 different versions, and each one will provide different rewards. Thanks to that, the dungeons will become more accessible for everyone regardless of their in-game experience.
Last but not least, the player’s inventory will be completely revamped and will become more user-friendly and intuitive.
While waiting for new information about the upcoming expansion all users across the globe can participate in our annual Halloween event and get precious rewards. In addition to this, all RAPPELZ fans in United States can take a part in the 7thRAPPELZ Anniversary and enjoy several different events organized specially for this occasion.
RAPPELZ is a free, global MMORPG where over 6 million players adventure and battle in a dark and devastated fantasy world. RAPPELZ combines a striking fantasy art style with deep character customisation, tactical pet taming & training and extensive player-versus-player and player-versus-environment gameplay. RAPPELZ is available in North America on gPotato.com and in Europe in German, French, Polish, Turkish and Italian languages on the gPotato.eu portal. For further information, visit the officialRAPPELZ websites at http://rappelz.gpotato.com andhttp://rappelz.gpotato.eu