Touting itself as the "spiritual successor" to Puzzle Quest, Actos Games, LLC. has crafted an experience that will allow you to use your entire vocabulary to take foes down. This PC/Mac/Linux puzzle game will satisfy those word puzzle fans who have been missing something deep and engaging, giving the Puzzle RPG genre a shot in the arm with HD graphics, simple yet robust combat, and customization all over the place.

The game itself has been in development for over six months now. Jonathan Meyer, Founder and CEO of Actos Games, has decided this is the time to show the general public, as well as excite them for a future filled of fun with words. The biggest feature of the game is the choice between one of four classes: the hard-working weapon-creating Wordsmith, enigmatic and slightly weird Idiomancer, thieving-yet-copying Plagiarist, and the future robot-cyborg,Verbinator. Each class comes with over a dozen of skills to mix-and-match, as well as hundreds of offensive and defensive items will be available to collect and change your strategy.

That's not all in the game, however. Promising to be a huge part of the game, a whole town can be built in your name, allowing you to collect NPCs who you meet along the story, gather items and quests from them, and enrich your experience by befriending them. Doing so might allow some NPCs to join you as offensive items, and it just gets wackier from there!

To check out the concept and check out the wonderful art by Soleeda Chea, head on over to APEXICON - Fantasy Puzzle Combat's Kickstarter:

- Kickstarter Trailer