As of now, the Kickstarter-backed strategy game Battle Worlds: Kronos by german developer King Art Games is available through Steam, GOG and the game's dedicated website. Plattforms are PC, Mac and Linux. Kickstarter backers have already received their product key via e-mail.

The game is released as promised, on time and without $#@!bersome copy-protection (DRM). It features about 30 hours of solo gameplay and free cross-platform multiplayer. Also, buyers will get the DLC 'Trains' for free when it's published early next year.

'This is it. We have done our best to help the once-great genre of turn-based strategy make a comeback. We publish Battle Worlds as a modern take on a classic genre and a bow to our great forerunners like Battle Isle or Advance Wars. If you, like us, believe that turn-based strategy should be strong again, please support us by buying the game!' said Jan Theysen, CEO of King Art Games.

Download the game here: