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    Default Puzzle Square


    Today I am pleased to show you the latest creation of the coder-chus- . If you like puzzles this game is right for you, Puzzle Square is excellent to increase our mental ability or just have a good time doing puzzles of fun images . As expected the game coder has a flawless graphic interface. It is noteworthy that participates in PSP Genesis Competition.

    Author: -chus- .

    Description :

    Square Puzzle is a puzzle game where you must put in the place corresponding parts s , the game features 18 different puzzles in its first version and 36 puzzle in version 2, spread over 3 levels of difficulty. The difficulty levels are unlocked as certain number of puzzles completed in previous levels.

    What's more the difficulty involved in putting together a puzzle, the game has a time limit to assemble the puzzle correctly chosen. The object is to put all the pieces in the right place so that the image is perfectly formed , the selected parts with X and move with the D-Pad or Analog Pad.

    The game allows you to choose if we want to move the pieces with the D-Pad or Analog Pad also provides the option to delete all data regarding the completed puzzles. It is noteworthy that gives us the possibility to Start a new game or continue the already started, adding that he has a flawless graphic interface .

    Square Puzzle v2:

    36 new puzzles spread over 3 levels (Topic of Video Games).
    Intelligent placement of parts.
    Language selection Removed (now automatic).
    Small changes in the menu.
    Option New Game or Continue .
    Puzzles Shows that we have completed.
    Removed a piece can not move when it is in its right place.
    Removed HOME button lock.
    A built-in MP3 Music Player .


    During the game:
    Digital Pad: Move Cursor.
    X: Push key.
    Trigger L: Song Previous.
    Gatllo R: Song Next.
    Start: Play.
    Square: Stop.
    O: Pause.
    Triangle : Song Puzzle Square.
    Select : Close Player.
    Shuffle : Random Song.
    Repeat : Repeat song.
    Square Puzzle : Puzzle Song square.
    Touch screen : display switch (4 views and off).

    In the Player:
    X: Taking Pieces.

    Digital Pad: Move Parts.
    L Trigger: Move parts of the bar to the left.
    Trigger A: Move parts of the bar to the right.
    Start: Pause.
    Select: Open the Player.

    From the main menu:
    Digital Pad, Up: Move one option above.
    Digital Pad, Down: Move an option below.
    X: Select option.
    Or: Back to the menu after entering an option.

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