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Thread: Modo - ultra simple mod player (release 4 - Aug 23)

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    psp Modo - ultra simple mod player (release 4 - Aug 23)

    Hello all

    I have updated "Modo", a mod player for the PSP.
    This is the version from August 23 (release 4).

    The list of changes are:
    • added C64 SID & MUS playback (via libsidplay2)
    • no RSID / BASIC support (didn't manage to play these tunes at full speed)
    • support for HVSC song length database

    Download updated Modo - 23 August

    Please see C64 section in Readme.txt to learn new key mapping for C64 mode and how to enable song length database support.

    Directory browser

    Playback #1

    Playback #1

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    SID Player and mod player yeah!!!

    dreams come true... mhmmm mp3 flac ogg player soon and all in light scenery

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    SID RULES ! :thumbup:

    Gonna try it this weekend

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