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Thread: PSP cross platform wireless multiplayer?

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    Default PSP cross platform wireless multiplayer?

    Here is an awsome idea...

    What if the PSP and the DS both get working versions of the same emulator...Lets use SNES as an example. Would these two machines be able to play multiplayer against one another?

    Or if the GBA emu for PSP could play against actual GBA carts in the DS?

    If this can be done, I think a tunneling app for PSP & DS would be bitchin...

    I know the devs are working on the PSP's wireless capabilities...Just something to think about.

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    hey how do you start a new thread im a wee n00b

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    doesnt matter and btw ur idea is pretty stupid mate first of all they are completely differant brands of handheld consoles and the WiFi only detects its fellow WiFI compatability,and second who wants a DS they suck complete ass?.

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    I can tell by your reply you know exactly what you are talking about.

    I did not know they are completely different "brands" of consoles. Thanks for clearing that up, because I thought they were made by the same company. Wow, I learn something new everyday.

    The DS sucks complete ass? Not just partial ass, or almost all ass, but complete ass. Tell me more, because I am interested in this ass sucking feature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stu & Clark
    hey how do you start a new thread im a wee n00b
    How can someone who does not know how to click a giant NEW THREAD button,
    call anything stupid?

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    If a team got on it, yes I could see it happening. I mean, Quake DC and Quake Windows could communicate, yet were both on Windows based platforms.

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