PC gaming will only improve thanks to the competition from next-gen consoles PS4 and Xbox One, says Intel's European games enabling manager Richard Huddy.
Huddy was speaking at the YoYoTech desktop PC launch event where he discussed the bright future of PC gaming.
"PC gaming is not dead," he said. "And it's not going away. The Xbox 360 and PS3 sold over 70 million units each overall - but PCs sell that amount in a quarter.
"How does the Xbox One and PS4 influence PC gaming architecture? The consoles are only good for the PC - PC gaming will only benefit from them."
"Free-to-play will also be difficult for consoles." Huddy spoke about the success of free-to-play PC games like League of Legends, which has around 75 million users and has generated hundreds of million dollars in revenues. Plus, he talked about the opportunity for 4K gaming with PCs, which isn't currently a big focus for the next-gen console manufacturers.
"4K support is fundamental to everyone in the PC industry," he commented.
Huddy also praised YoYoTech's new range of gaming and high-end PCs.
"I'm a graphics guy and am delighted by these machines out here. YoYoTech dwarfs the horsepower of current next-gen consoles - serious respect to CK and his team," he added.
"PC games will look better and have higher quality. From a game developer's point of view, they love that the new consoles are essentially pcs. The differences are much smaller this time around.
"90 to 95 per cent of YoYoTech machines use Intel - and the i7 is the future of gaming."
Huddy mentioned that tablets are complimentary to PCs, and said there will always be sales of desktop PCs, but did admit that the free-to-play gaming boom is killing off sales of boxed PC games at retail.