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Thread: Wrong Way v0.25 - Coleco Vision homebrew game

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    retro Wrong Way v0.25 - Coleco Vision homebrew game

    via pdroms:

    You're driving down a 6 line highway, minding your own business, when suddenly a barrage of cars start driving toward you. Soon you realize that you're going the... Wrong Way!

    At the start, press a number from 1 to 9 for the speed of the other cars, then use the joystick to go left/right, as well as accelerate/brake. Alternately, you can use the left fire button to accelerate, and the right fire button to brake. Arrive at the destination in time, and you can play the next stage... which is exactly the same (WIP, remember).

    This is a VERY EARLY work in progress version.


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    wow and people say the DC homebrew community has been going a while. how does one get into programming a machine like this? anyone know, might be a fun project.

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    There are lots of ways to get in. newcoleco has posted some tutorials on youtube. He wrote a document on his site

    I also have taught hands on sessions at our annual Conventions (next year is number 20 for AdamCon) and we thought we started late really. My page on programming in assembly is here: We also do weekly online chats, and there are coleco programming mailing lists, etc. Lots of ways really.

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