via Joystiq

It seems that the DualShock 3 came equipped with more than just last-gen tech. Also found within its molded plastic curves? Secrets. PS3 Fanboy spotted some unfamiliar titles in the controller's recently distributed compatability list, titles that we'll now pass along to you for your rampant speculation pleasure.
  • N-Cube -- Creat Studios
  • Warbit -- Creat Studios
  • To End all Wars -- Ghostlight
  • TNA Wrestling -- Midway
  • Cops (codename) -- Pyro
  • Planet One (codename) -- Pyro
  • The Crucible -- Sega
  • Rat Race -- SCEA
What do they mean? We just don't know. Will that stop us from making wild, unfounded guesses? Let's put it this way: Judging from the last title, we've confirmed that the PS3 will soon get a visit from digi-Whoopi. Con-firmed.