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Descend down the Eurogamer TV escalator and you will find a new exclusive Hellgate: London trailer detailing the Charing Cross station area in the game.

It follows on from last week's guided tour of the Covent Garden tube station by developer Flagship Studios, who showed us the importance of these everyday destinations in the action role-playing title.

They act like little towns to house the survivors of the hellish holocaust, where adventurers can group up, receive quests, and buy things to hit baddies with.

But Charing Cross isn't as well protected as Covent Garden, so 21 adjoining and infested zones will be tougher to conquer, housing ghoulish treats of their own.

You also might like to know that Charing Cross was given its name after King Edward I placed a cross in the Charing hamlet in memorial to his wife, Eleanor of Castile. It is also officially recognised as the centre of London.

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