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Thread: PMPlayer AdVanCe (PPA) build 20070930

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    psp PMPlayer AdVanCe (PPA) build 20070930

    cooleyes_lf has been updating his media player for the PSP and by the looks of the screens at ChinaGBA its looking great.

    Translations arent working at this time but download and check it out for yourself

    Visit the homepage for downloads until someone uploads here

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    I'll check it out.

    edit: Umm yeah kinda hard to download...

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    Here's all 3 files attached to this post. :thumbup:
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    what files can this play?

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    Default a little translation for yall

    PPA characteristics:

    【播放核心】: [Core] players:

    ●基于PMP AVC Mod 1.02M改进,修正原版一些小BUG The AVC - based PMP Mod 1.02M improvements that the original number of small BUG
    ● 采用内置的PSP解码引擎,重新支持PMP2(XVID+MP3),但现阶段解码效率不高 <br /> ● 全新音频解码核心,放弃了从PC上移植的ffmpeg库,而采用最新研究出来的PSP内部硬件 解码模块 <br /> ●支持组播,连播功能.对应设置窗口中的播放模式(single单个播放,group组播,al l连播) The PSP using a built-in decoder engine, renewed support PMP2 (XVID + MP3), but at this stage decoding efficiency is not high <br /> The new audio decoder core from the PC to abandon transplantation ffmpeg library, and come up with the latest PSP internal hardware decoding module < br /> The support multicast, playing function. set in the corresponding window playback mode (single individual players, the group multicast, all playing)
    ●支持切换左右声道的功能<br /> ● 可以设置低至66mHz频率运行(在使用nethost和usbhost的时候,建议使用133mHz运行 ) The support around channel switching function <br /> - can be set as low as 66mHz frequency operation (and in the use of nethost usbhost time, the proposed use of 133mHz running)
    ● 支持44.1kHz和48kHz采样率的音频 <br /> ● 支持AAC音频 <br /> ● 支持界面待机,在主界面时可以手动待机,如果超过5分钟没有操作也将会自动进入待机; The support 44.1kHz sampling rate of 48kHz and audio <br /> The support AAC audio interface support <br /> standby, in the main interface can be manually standby, if not more than five minutes will also operate automatically enter sleep;
    ● 播放时不支持待机,请不要尝试,有可能导致错误甚至死机 <br /> ● fw3xx版本支持待机(甚至界面播放时待机),但nethost功能还不行 The player did not support standby, please do not try to, it may lead to erroneous or even crippling <br /> fw3xx support standby version (even when the player interface standby), but it is not enough functional nethost

    【介面&皮肤】: [Interface] & Skin:

    ●漂亮的文件浏览界面,完善的帮助信息(本版皮肤由原CG斑竹AreX制作),丰富的设置选项< br /> ●任意目录打开播放,支持USB & WIFI播放PC上的PMPAVC影片.可直接删除影片. nice file browser interface, with the help of perfect information ($ skin mottled AreX produced the original CG), rich directive <br /> The arbitrary directory open player, USB & WIFI players on the PC PMPAVC film. The film can be directly deleted.
    ●显示每个影片的详细信息(分辨率、时长、FPS、音轨数,外挂字幕数) Each film shows the detailed information (resolution, long time, FPS, tracks the number of pylons few subtitles)
    ●支持中文命名<br /> ●文件浏览界面显示影片的预览图<br /> ●记忆最后浏览目录,在正常退出时记录当前浏览目录,下次重新打开<br /> ●自由更换皮肤 The support of the Chinese name <br /> The file browser interface preview of the film shows <br /> The final memory browser directory, in the normal recorded from the current directory browser, the next reopen <br /> The free replacement skin

    【字幕核心】: [Core] subtitles:

    ●支持truetype字体,支持阴影和加粗,接近用avs加载内嵌字幕的效果<br /> ●内置有字幕编码设置功能,无需事先转换字幕编码<br /> ●可以设定字幕的大小,显示位置及各种详细参数设置 truetype font support, and increase support for the shadow, close to avs loaded with embedded subtitles effect <br /> The built-in subtitles coding settings, without prior conversion subtitles coding <br /> The subtitles can set the size, location and variety shows detailed parameter setting

    【简单安装使用说明】: [Note: simple installation:
    ●fw100版本为单目录格式,可以用于各类自制系统 (OE, M33-352以下), 请将PPA目录放置于GAME150下, 建议所有主机为PSP1000系列,系统为自制系统(OE,M33-352以下)的使用这个版本 <br /> ●fw150版本为双目录格式,可以用于1.5官方系统和各类自制系统(OE,M33-352以下),请将__SCE__PPA和%__SCE__PPA目录放置于GAME(1.5官方系统)或 GAME150(自制系统OE,M33-352以下)下<br /> ●fw3xx版本为单目录格式,可以用于各类3xx以上的自制系统(OE,M33,包括最新的在PSP20 00下的M33-360和M33-371),请将PPA3xx目录放置于GAME3**目录下,**代表你的当前3xx系统的版本后两位(比 如你的是M33-371,就放在GAME371下) fw100 version of a single directory format that can be used in all types of homemade system (OE, liquidity-352 below), I would be grateful if PPA GAME150 placed on the directory, all proposals for PSP1000 series mainframe system for the self-made systems (OE, liquidity-352) in the use of this version < br /> The fw150 version for dual-directory format, the official system can be used in 1.5 and various homemade system (OE, liquidity-352 below), you should __SCE__PPA and placed in the directory% __SCE__PPA GAME (1 .5 official system) or GAME150 (OE homemade system, liquidity-352) in the next version <br /> fw3xx single directory format, which can be used over all the privately-3xx (OE, liquidity, including the latest in PSP2000 of liquidity and liquidity-360 -371), I would be grateful if PPA3xx placed in the directory under the directory GAME3 ** ** representative of your current 3xx system after two versions (such as you is liquidity-371, on the GAME371)
    ● 对于fw100版和fw150版,退出软件的方式是在主界面,按home键,选择退出<br /> ●对于fw3xx版,退出软件的方式可以是在任意时间按home键,选择退出(不保存上次浏览的目录路径) ,或者在主界面按L+Start退出(保存当前浏览目录路径) fw100 version and the version fw150, from the way software is the main interface, the home keys, to opt out of the fw3xx <br /> The version with software that can be home at any time as a key to opt out (not preserve the directory path last visit), or The main interface L + Start out by the (preservation of the current directory path browser)
    ●对于各版的EBOOT升级包,是给已经安装过PPA的用户使用的,已经安装过PPA的用户,可以通过简单 下载相应版本的EBOOT包,解压后,将里面的更新文件替换到各版的对于目录下即可 The upgrade to the version of the update is to the PPA has installed a user has installed the PPA users can simply download the appropriate version of the upgrade kits, unpacked, which will replace the updated documentation for the version of the directory can be

    【其他】: [Other]:

    ●同步发布fw100,fw150,fw3xx三个版本<br /> ●修正4G棒的问题 The synchronous release fw100, fw150, fw3xx <br /> three versions - that the issue of 4G rods:thumbup:

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    Why the thumbs up? I don't understand that...

    But looks cool anyway, I'm gonna try it ASAP.

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    Will it play any PMP files?....Cuz I remember a while back an update to PMP mod did not play my old PMP files because the encoding had changed somehow. looks very nice, Saw a screenshot over at QJ ...and I'll have to test it tonight.

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