via Games Industry

Warner Bros has announced a deal with the Abu Dhabi Media Company and a key property developer ALDAR to develop a range of entertainment offerings, including videogames publishing, in the UAE capital.

The move will also see key link-ups on film production and development, the construction of a string of multiplex cinemas as well as a theme park and hotel.

A spokesperson for Warner Bros told that the company is investing USD 500 million in gaming alone, another USD 500 million in film projects, and more money in other areas, but that will buy the company a foothold in a new territory.

Chairman and CEO, Barry Meyer, said of the deal: "We look forward to working alongside ALDAR and the Abu Dhabi Media Company to not only create an exciting and unique cultural destination in Abu Dhabi, but to have the opportunity to extend the Warner Bros businesses and brand throughout the region."

The videogames part of the deal will be looked after by the Warner Bros Home Entertainment Group and will cover publishing and distribution rights for the company's titles throughout the region.

The first games to be released under the agreement will be Looney Tunes: Acme Arsenal for the Xbox 360 and Duck Amuck for the Nintendo DS.

Additionally Warner Bros will discuss further with its new partners the opportunities that might exist for future areas of investment, including digital distribution of content.