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Thread: FCC votes to lift regulations on AT&T's broadband business

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    Default FCC votes to lift regulations on AT&T's broadband business

    via Engadget

    Just as predicted, the FCC did indeed vote to ease some of the rules surrounding AT&T's broadband business.

    Just prior to the midnight deadline, a vote of three to two was officially submitted that "partially granted AT&T's request to relax rules that govern what the company can charge business customers and rivals for access to some of its high-speed internet lines."

    Notably, Republican commissioner Robert McDowell said the "agency had left other key regulations in place and created a new process for handling complaints about the rates AT&T charges for access."

    Not surprisingly, AT&T was fairly elated with the outcome, and David Kaut, an analyst with Stifel Nicolaus, said that "removing the tariff rules would give the firm a leg up in negotiations with rivals and business customers seeking to lease access."

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