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Thread: ThemePlus! NX v3.00

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    psp ThemePlus! NX v3.00

    NephilimNX posted this news/release:

    Finally, Custom Themes (.PTF) is now supported! I feel that ThemePlus! has finally deserves its name . It is in BETA version though since I still need alot of feedbacks to make it as a stable version. Kindly post your feedbacks/problems/comments/suggestions on the official threads so I can reply personally and make this a better plugin.

    New Features
    - NEW! Support for Official Sony Custom Theme (.PTF) files
    - NEW! Preset files. Create your own Custom Theme combination (Theme, Wallpaper, and Gameboot)
    - Works on 3.71 M33 with Original or Slim PSP

    This plugin lets you change your PSP's Custom Theme, Wallpaper and/or Gameboot randomly and timely.

    You can set the option to change them:
    * Always - Changes the PSP's Custom Theme, Wallpaper and/or Gameboot everytime the XMB loads up
    * Hourly, Daily, Monthly, and Yearly - Changes the PSP's Custom Theme, Wallpaper and/or Gameboot on the next hour, day, month, and year the XMB loads up
    * Disable - Don't change the PSP's Custom Theme, Wallpaper and/or Gameboot at all

    You can use any quantity of custom themes, wallpapers and gameboots and you have the option if you want the plugin to search for wallpapers and gameboots inside the sub-directories.

    Be sure to read the readme for FAQs.

    Download and Give Feedback Via Comments
    via NephilimNX

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    wow...this sound really great! gonna try it now

    *click the download button*


    urm... its not working lor........ the psp wont even startup ???

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