After a successful Greenight campaign, indie action-adventure game Continue?9876543210 is out on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux, looking as pretty as it did under those viridescent lightbulbs. Continue? is on sale for $8 through January 10, and then it'll cost $10.

In Continue?, players are a dead video game character traveling the depressing wasteland of the Random Access Memory, talking to townsfolk, battling creatures and attempting to outrun the garbage collector. Its design resembles a 3D version of Superbrothers: Sword and Sworcery with an Eldritch-y layer. It's a serious trip, developer Jason Oda says.

"This game is weird," he says. "You've probably figured that out by now. Everything in it however, has a deeper meaning behind it. All of the strange places you go to, people you talk to, and scenarios you go through are part of a greater idea that I hope you spend a second or two trying to figure out and interpret ... or not. You can also just play the damn thing."