heey, good tutorial, for ppl who cant afford, or there parents dont give them money for a new battery, my simple fix is this...
when you have your CFW on your psp, you can covert your magic memory stick back to normal, and your battery, well, wont be so normal..., so find a app, called " PSP tool " and in it, it will display a bunch of things... do this when it load's:
open battery options. click check battery serial.
if it sayes service mode battery, then procede..
go back to main menu of psp tool., open memory stick options: and click, inject ipl to memory stick. then chose, inject z3ros0ul single/multi IPL, and that will allow you to, boot your psp from the pandora battery as normal, works for me, i dont need a new battery , and if you want to put cfw on any of your buddies psp, just erease the IPL, and dont use any ipl for theres, and follow instuctions on the 1st page.
have fun