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Thread: Resi Evil CGI movie in the works

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    Forum Resi Evil CGI movie in the works

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    The live-action Resident Evil trilogy starring Milla Jovovich is over (thank God for that) but it's not the last we'll be seeing of the horror series on the big screen.

    Capcom and Sony Pictures Entertainment are currently busy at work on another Resident Evil film, this time dumping the real people in place of CG graphics.

    The new CG animated film, titled Biohazard: Degeneration, hopes to better the live-action efforts with "groundbreaking visual effects and a brand-new story line".

    Plot specifics are yet to be revealed, but you can expect to be chomping popcorn in front of Sony's zombie-filled work in 2008.

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    Woah, CG Resi will be cool. But I hope one thing that it will look much better than the awesome FMV sequences that we have on the Resident Evil games (plus better than FF VII AC), graphics are everything (aswell as a good storyline with action packed scenes) when it's a CG movie.

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