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Thread: PSPIRC: IRC Client for PSP v1.0.7

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    psp PSPIRC: IRC Client for PSP v1.0.7

    Hi All,

    PSPIRC is a basic IRC client for the PSP.

    * What's new in this version ? *

    - Bug fix in danzeff keyboard
    (characters ? and # weren't mapped properly)
    - Bug fix on fw-3x, the PSP freeze when more than 7
    tabs were opened simultaneously
    - New line edit mode in irc console

    * Credits and license : *

    It is mainly based on the IRC engine written by Danzel,
    and the user interface i wrote for PSPSSH.

    The IR keyboard support is based on the work of Harald Fielker
    (author of the PSP IR Keyboard Library).

    This software is distributed under GNU V2 License, see
    GPLV2.txt file for all details and information about it.

    It has been developed on linux for Firmware 1.5 and 3.71-m33,
    and for the IR keyboard part it has been tested using a
    Targus Universal IR Wireless keyboard.

    How to use it ? Everything is in the README.txt file.

    * Download : *

    On my blog :

    Many thanks to Danzel for his Virtual kerboard and his IRC stuff,
    and to all PSPSDK developpers.

    Special thanks to HookBott for graphics, splash screen and icons,
    and to Delight1 for her help, support and beta testing !


    here is my blog !

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    The more you fail, the more you have a chance that it will work in the end.

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    Default nice release

    nice man great up, i wonder if its worth buyin a SLIM now ...

    Maybe when i can get SNES on my TV )

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