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Thread: Game Review: Tales of the World: Radient Mythology (PSP)

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    psp Game Review: Tales of the World: Radient Mythology (PSP)

    First off, let me tell you that I normally will raise the score because of combos in replay value. I'd normally do this because my personal tastes believe that when you have endless combos, that really enhances replay value. But for those whom combos do not help at all, I will set aside my feelings on this matter for now...

    I'm not gonna lie. When I bought this game, I was desperate. Bored until Mass Effect arrived, and didn't want an overly gorey game (cough manhunt), I got Tales of the World and expected very little. What I got was a game brimming with polish and RPG elements that were enough at to make me instantly love this game (And I'm not that big an RPG fan either, fancy that.) The game begins in the land of Terresia, a land where man is the life force for all things. That mana has attracted a monstrous planet eater, the devourer, to it. You are a Descender, the planets last ditch effort to save itself. Immediately found by the Descender of another unfortunate planet, your quest begins to rid existance of the Devourer.

    The character creator appears very simple at first, offering little in the way of clothing. Don't be fooled. Your clothes look like rags because every of the over 100 armors you can buy latch onto the character model, instead of raise defense without being seem. Helmets, boots, gloves, charms, all things have a model....and often a purpose.

    Gameplay is the best aspect of it all. Fusing startegy from games like Final Fantasy and the physical real time combat of PSO and a small bit of Kingdom Hearts, Tales of the World has a combat system all its own. Quite difficult to explain, but let me put it this way: 360 degree fighting with 3 teamates and endless combos while controlling strategy for each and every character with special attacks and 7+ class groups?

    HE** YEAH!

    With all its great parts comes the bad as well. Your teamates.... well, they are never just smart. Sometimes they are brilliant and do things just like a player would and other times....your glad with they get knocked cold, one less thing to block your view. However, as far as RPGs go, I have yet to find one par with Tales. (Kingdom hearts rivals it, but doesn't have much in the way of strategy...)

    Graphics are great for what they are. Character models show up fine, weapons, armor, all the items are inspired, but there are slowdowns during some of the more crazy battles. Not as bad as Final Fantasy Tactics, but, they get annoying. The levels (and this is where some of PSO's influence comes in) are pretty bear (Yes bear. Grizzly bears. No I just forgot how to spell it right.) But it doesnt matter so much as you never fight on the level itself but an arena when you meet an enemy.

    Sounds is nice, but forgettable.

    Anyyyyywayyy, heres a fine summary:

    Presentation: 4.5/5
    Great story, easy menus, even online trading. Still, the artes can get confusing at times.

    Sound: 3.5/5
    Like I said, its fine for what it is, but you won't be humming it inside your head.

    Graphics: 4/5
    Great character models brought down by moderately bland backgrounds.

    Gameplay: 4.5/5
    Like I said, I'm putting my love of all things combo behind me for this. Yet this game still shines even if they weren't there.

    Replay Value: 4.5/5
    Yeah that right. Its high as the you were last year at the Christmas party. Yeah you remember it. I've logged 25 hours and have only done 27.6% of all quests, meager as they may be. Collecting items, armor, going on training excursions....good fun. Good fun.


    A must have for all RPG lovers out there. A thing you SHOULD have for everyone else.


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    I played this game. I really WANTED it to be more but the levels are repetitive and boring, the mage class has only one effect when casting spells (not very exciting), and .....its repetitive :P. It's cute and visually appealing but the music is not good (voice acting however, is).

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