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Thread: Zune 2.0 update is ready for your first generation Zune

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    Xbox Zune 2.0 update is ready for your first generation Zune

    Are you one of the many who snagged an el cheapo, first generation Zune 30GB off of Woot or a big box fire sale? Or -- gasp -- paid full price? Good, the moment you've been waiting for has arrived. All the new features and interface bumps of your second generation peers are just a click away -- as soon as Microsoft finishes updating the Zune site. Our update lasted just a few, pain-free minutes -- peep the results in the gallery below, including shots of the install and new software and side by side screens of Zune 1.0 vs 2.0 software. Oh, hint: the 2.0 (2.1, technically) updated Zune is brownie up on the left. Now scoot kid, and let us know how you fare with yours when you pop on the upgrade.

    P.S. -A note in advance about the name of the Zune: this is the same unit we tested at launch last year that gave us such an unbelievable headache and took about four hours to get installed right. Just happens that we never bothered to rename it from "oh god please work". Beggin' your pardon.

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    Sweet, just picked up a Black Zune off of woot yesterday for $90 shipped. I hope it get it soon!!!

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