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Thread: Yabause for PSP Released - Sega Saturn Emulator for PSP

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nokiaman View Post
    Are there ever any interesting games for SEGA Saturn?I looked at wiki on list of games and most of them were released to PS1 or they are just boring
    Panzer Dragoon, Clockwork Knight, Nights... there are lots of good Saturn games out there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaia darkness View Post

    that's all good in all for you to speak your mind you have every right to however don't be stupid and try to tear someones hope up just because you think it could not get any better after all we seen alot of things done with emulators hell we never thought we would even have a emulator of a Sega Saturn to work right on the pc but look and be hold we have ssf and it works great at the time we said sega cd could not work and look what happen iam not saying the psp would be able to run it on full speed that may never happen but iam use it could run a tiny better atlest now with all the new systems we have we not got a demo of a psx for the wii and people said it could never happen also you no we also have the ps3 so far we have only a few and mind you thos are so easy to even be ported to any systems my point is have some faith and some hope you never no btw gpsp is awesome but it kind of sucks i ran into atlest 30% of games that don't even work and you would think someone could get it to work for videos that was made for the gameboysp also it would be awsome if someone could make the sega cd emulator for the wii or atlest more for the wii and not really old emulators thats been done so many times like the nes or snes
    Punctuation dammit! PUNCTUATION!

    Quote Originally Posted by jurkevicz View Post
    It's the thought that counts. I too believe that this will never be full speed or in anyway playable (like the DS emu).
    Though a DS emulator could get to acceptable speeds with enough work, if it only emulated one screen at once. It wouldn't be full speed, but for most DS dames it would be close enough, which is more than I can say for a saturn emulator. Hell, a dreamcast emulator would probably work better on PSP. Don't quote me on that though.

    Quote Originally Posted by wah_wah_69 View Post
    Hmm.. I'll keep my eye on this.

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    personally wouldn't it be easier just to get an ISO image of the game, and run DevHook on a Sega Saturn game, provided you can run any ISO Images, considering that in Theory an ISO Image of a Sega Saturn Game could be made

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