New indie outfit Stellar Jockeys has announced its upcoming isometric vehicle-based action roguelike Matador.Based on its debut trailer, Matador strongly evokes 80s sci-fi with its synthy music, neon colour palette and retro font. The idea is you have to choose a vehicle, pilot, and weapon layout then face off against four other factions across nine maps.Like any roguelike, Matador will feature permadeath. "Progressions comes through unlocking new options and equipment for the next run," the developer stated on its official site. "There is no XP. There are no saves. When you die, start over and try, try again." Unlike most roguelikes, Matador's maps won't be randomly generated, but the enemy spawns and factions within them will be.Matador is currently slated for a PC, Mac and Linux release this summer and Stellar Jockeys just put up a page for it on Steam Greenlight. See its John Carpenter-esque vibe in action in Matador's debut trailer below.