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Thread: 9 Ultimate Mortal Kombat DS screens

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    NDS 9 Ultimate Mortal Kombat DS screens

    via Computer and Video Games

    Ultimate Mortal Kombat is set to kick and scream onto DS on December 7, but in the meantime here's nine new screenshots for your bleeding eyes.

    In addition to the beat-'em-up action which is based on the arcade version of Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3, the game includes Puzzle Kombat - oh and features online multiplayer support.

    See the screenshots here

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    i already have this game!! and is not the rom is the real thing.

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    i also have the game. hardest in the mk series upp to date. altough the puzzel game thing sucks. i HATE IT. it' s so ****in slow it's i ncredible!

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    Nintendo just LOOOOOOVE Europe don't they!?

    EDIT: And also midway in this case. :P

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