Proving that fan affection for Resident Evil is as undying as the franchise's hordes of shambling corpses, Capcom has announced that the high-definition remake of Resident Evil: Revelations has surpassed 1 million total sales.

Our review of Revelations, a console and PC remake of the original 3DS game, describes it as a successful, if middling port: "Resident Evil fans will want to see the story, and will forgive the design flaws and wacky dialogue. For everyone else, the game doesn't hold the HD spotlight well. This was a quality handheld title, but on a larger screen it falls into the middle of the pack."

A post on Capcom Unity announced the sales numbers: "Just a quick little pat on the back for RE Revelations
Ė the console/PC versions have passed the 1 million mark in worldwide sales and are currently sitting pretty at 1.1 million overall." As we reported earlier, both Dead Rising 3 and Monster Hunter 4 have passed the million shipped and sold marks, respectively.