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Thread: Review: Nyko Classic Controller Grip

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    Rev Review: Nyko Classic Controller Grip

    Nyko Classic Controller Grip
    Manufacturer: Nyko
    Price: $19.95

    Overview : Play the classics with convenience and comfort with the Classic Controller Grip for Wii. The Classic Controller Grip provides the best possible experience while playing with the Classic Controller on the Wii. The ergonomically designed grips give the Classic Controller a less-strenuous feel, providing long lasting comfort during intense retro-gaming sessions. The Wii Remote Mount clips onto the back of the Classic Controller allowing for basic menu navigation while keeping the remote and cord conveniently out of the way during gameplay.

    Features :
    • Ergonomic: Specially designed grips provide a comfortable hold for long game sessions
    • Remote Cradle: Easily attach the Wii Remote to the Classic Controller for convenient control and navigation
    • Pointer Functionality: Use the Wii Remotes unique pointer functionality while attached to the Classic Controller
    • Cord Management: Keep your game time tangle free with the cord management system integrated into the Classic Controller Grip
    • Provides comfortable grips for the Nintendo Wii Classic Controller
    • Easy snap-on assembly
    • Wii Remote mount attaches remote to Classic Controller
    • Organizes the Classic Controller cord
    • Comfortably play retro games without messy wires

    Quality/Usability : One of the nice features of the Nintendo Wii is the ability to play your favorite classic games ranging from old school NES, N64, Genesis and many more. But in order to play these games, you'll need a classic controller and in order to use the classic controller, you'll need to connect it to the Wii Remote controller.

    That is where the Nyko Classic Controller Grip comes in handy. The Classic Controller Grip consists of two plastic pieces; grip for Classic Controller and clear plastic to hold Wii Remote. In between the two plastic pieces, you'll be able to wrap the cord from the Classic Controller around for cable management. Without the Nyko Classic Controller Grip, the Wii Remote would be dangling and you'll have a hard time moving around with the controller dangling while holding the Classic Controller.

    Installing the Classic Controller Grip is easy as as opening the package. Simply slip the Classic Controller Grip into the grip, wrap the cord around the plastics, slide the Wii Remote into the plastic holder and connect cable to controller.

    Conclusion : Overall, the Nyko Classic Controller Grip makes playing Virtual Console games a lot easier. Not only does it make things easier when playing, its light weight and comfortable to hold. You can also remove the Wii Remote and leave the Classic Controller still connected. This allows for easy setup for later use simply by re-attaching the Wii Remote. Only downside of this is that any Wii buttons under the "A" button such as the HOME, (-), (+), 1 and 2, is obscured and inaccessible due to the Classic Controller being in the way. Oh yea, the price is the same as the Classic Controller itself.

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