In defiance of this weekend's imminent corporate-sponsored romance, Sega has decided to push strategy gamers toward corporate-sponsored violence with the aptly titled "Make War Not Love" promotion.

The rules are simple: During the course of the weekend, Sega will tally all victories earned by players in Total War: Rome 2 and Company of Heroes 2. Whichever game has the more active, successful community will receive free downloadable content. In the case of Total War: Rome 2, players will be awarded the Beasts of War add-on, while those playing Company of Heroes 2will find two new multiplayer Commanders available at no additional charge.

To further sweeten the temptation toward virtual bloodshed, Sega is also discounting both strategy games by 50 percent from now until Monday, February 17 at 10AM PT. Would-be virtual generals can now purchase Total War: Rome 2 for $30 while Company of Heroes 2 can be had for $20.