Simogo has confirmed its critically acclaimed iOS puzzle game Year Walk will be released on PC and Mac on March 6 via Steam.
The re-release will feature a number of content additions including new locations, new puzzles, a map, updated artwork, an intergrated encyclopaedia with information the myths and creatures found in the game, a hint system and Steam Achievement Puzzles.
Year Walk was originally released for iOS on February 21, the information now contained in the encyclopaedia was originally found in a companion app. In the game, players are sent on a vision quest through 19th-century Sweden. During their journey they must piece together clues found in the game's environments and solve puzzles.
In our Year Walk review we said "while Year Walk isn't that substantial, and may only last you a couple of hours, it's an incredible showcase for the potential of tablet games and will undoubtedly become influential over the next few years.
"Its conundrums will baffle you, and frustrate at times as you constantly attempt to apply traditional puzzle-game logic to progress - but the self-gratifying pay-off of solving them is immense. Scary, beautiful, atmospheric and incredibly smart - an essential mobile game that shows off the true potential of iPad."