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Thread: Some of the Smaller Releases

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    Default Some of the Smaller Releases

    These are the releases that are more dev related:

    Theres a Keyboard Test Program (do what you will with it)

    also PBP Maker v0.32 has these new features:

    Support file selection function for files other than Eboot.pbp
    Fixed when unacceptable character input for password, those characters will be replaced with underline

    PBP Easy Installer v1.9 is new and has these new features:

    When eboot.pbp is in the root of an archive file, the game name will be taken from the name of the archive file.
    7-zip format support
    Uncompressed dialog no longer being displayed
    Added archive file extension to the default extension in the install file selection dialog
    Implemented "sort by name" and "sort by extension" to the file selection list box
    Fixed a bug when 1.5 pattern can't be recognized
    Fixed when doing option checking of file selection, previous compilation is trashed
    UI configuration, fixed the problem that Japanese version and English version appeared to be the same (the difference between the different language versions is only on text and IMEControl value)
    Fixed the problem that can't select archive files in install file selection dialog

    Theres also the waffle release that i cant test as im going to bed

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    Default preetyforu


    Its extracting the 1.5 eboot atm, i'll see how it goes.

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