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Thread: Rockstar distributing through IGN's Direct2Drive

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    IRC Chat Rockstar distributing through IGN's Direct2Drive

    Rockstar's collection of PC games has gone digital distribution, but they're not going the Steam route. Three Grand Theft Autos, two Max Paynes, a Midnight Club sequel and Manhunt are now available via IGN's Direct2Drive service.

    The games are $9.95 apiece except for San Andreas and, inexplicably, the original Manhunt, which go for $19.95. Two sets are available, the Grand Theft Auto collection for $29.95 ($39.85 if all bought separately separately) and the entire Rockstar collection for $59.95 ($89.65 separately). The best part? Digital distribution downloads immediately, no waiting in the pre-holiday traffic. Last-minute Christmas gifts just got more controversial.

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    It includes GTA 1 and 2?

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