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Thread: PSX - Tales Of Phantasia Translation Released!!!

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    Default PSX - Tales Of Phantasia Translation Released!!!


    Merry Christmas from Absolute Zero!

    We proudly present v1.0 of the Tales of Phantasia PSX translation patch!

    All you need to supply is your .bin or .img rip of Tales of Phantasia and the attached custom patcher will take care of the rest. Since it would seem this cannot be overstated, the patched game is fully compatible with real hardware. Please be sure to check the readme, which, among a complete patching procedure and other useful notes, also contains important information regarding emulator and PSP-emulation specific glitches (these are emulator glitches, not patch bugs).

    Please consult the readme before asking specific questions about patching or related topics.

    We thank you for your support and hope that you enjoy Tales of Phantasia PSX!

    Download It Here

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    Amazing news. I always wanted a translation for this great RPG, and finally it was released

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    Don't know if it's against rules, but I took the liberty of creating a looping AT3 for the people planning on playing it on their PSPs.

    Tales Of Phantasia AT3

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