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    Question Quick question.

    Im going to make sequel to a snes game. its my first game. But I know what a good game is, and im not going to release garbage and call it a game(it will in every way be as quality as its predicessor) so it wont show up til its done.
    But I have thought about this for years. I already have the plot worked out right down to the very last battle and ending. Its a Sequel to a snes rpg. no probibly not the one your are thinking of. and no not chrono trigger or secret of mana.
    I only have one simple question. I already know people are gonna love this game. I just know.. My question is if a sequel to a game from the past was brewed up. would you want it as a hacked snes rom ? or a stand alone homebrew game? Ive been looking into both possible solutions. hacking a rom saves me Very little time actuelly., but some of my options would be limated aswell. While it would offer a more common feeling to the orig. I dont see as i would be able to add elements into the rom that the super nintendo couldnt handel like a short decent quality fmv scenes.
    Anyway. This is my pet project, I will see it through to its end.

    So the question stands. Psp stand alone game or hacked snes rom ?

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    snes rom, i dont own a psp, so ne can play it

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    Definately a SNES rom, alot of people don't own PSP's so wouldnt have the chance to play it, if it was a snes rom, everyone would be able to play including via a SNESemu on a PSP.

    Care to mention which SNES RPG? there are so many great ones, that im not even going to guess.... Tales Of Phantasia?

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