Before it comes to Xbox One as part of Microsoft's independent games initiative, apocalyptic racer/shooter hybrid Calibre 10 Racing Series will launch on PC through Steam's Early Access program likely as soon as next week. The game's developer, Bongfish, expects the alpha development period to last around six months, after which the completed game will make its way to Xbox One, roughly around Fall.

Calibre 10 Racing Series hinges on two-player teams competing on and around a deadly racetrack. One person drives to the finish line, usually in a glossy sports car that hungers for power-ups littering the track, while the other takes command of gun turrets positioned alongside the route. Drivers can defend themselves with barrel rolls (as recommended by anthropomorphic space animals), temporary shield pickups, or collect turret upgrades for their gunning teammates to rain down hell on opponents.

Developer Bongfish considers Calibre 10 a spiritual successor to Harm's Way, the bouncy arcade racer that emerged in 2010 as a finalist in Doritos' "Unlock Xbox" game design competition. If the game finishes its early access circuit with aplomb, it hopes to offer a hub for the community to design high-end concept cars. And then shoot them in the world's toughest safety standards test.