There are only two things that zombies love: delicious, moist brains, and the lure of pop music. If wasn't proof enough, Sega's most recent DLC addition for blood-soaked keyboard primer Typing of the Dead: Overkillcertainly cements the idea.

The "Dancing With The Dead" lexicon transforms the phrases that players are tasked with typing into popular song lyrics. Sega is being coy on which songs it has lifted words from, but the publisher's announcement this morning includes references to groups like House of Pain, Will Smith, The Clash and probably a few others that we're not picking up on.

As with earlier DLC releases for Typing of the Dead: Overkill, the Dancing With The Dead lexicon bears a $3 price tag. It's currently available on Steam to satisfy all of your oddly mundane fantasies of battling walking corpses armed only with keen office skills.