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Thread: No Live Arcade releases this week

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    xbox 360 No Live Arcade releases this week

    via Computer and Video Games

    Microsoft's chief blogger Major Nelson has confirmed that there will be no new releases on Xbox Live Arcade this week, not even a rubbish puzzle game with achievements you'll never play. Damn.

    It had been reported that awesome shooter Rez HD and Ubisoft's less exciting Chessmaster Live would take this week's slot, though that's obviously turned out to be a load of rubbish. Maybe next week, eh?

    Instead Xbox 360 owners are left to make do with Microsoft's offer of a free copy of Undertow, in compensation for the constant uptime issues with Xbox Live over Christmas. The deal's good until Sunday, so get your skates on.

    In case you missed it, the company also rolled out its Xbox Live Arcade Awards yesterday, where gamers are invited to vote for their favourite download games (on Xbox 360, that is) so that Microsoft can crown them with some nice silverware. Get voting!

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    A free game to compensate for poor xbox live performance! lol

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